Baalbaki at a glance

Baalbaki family has occupied a prominent role in the growth and development of Trade and industry in the Middle East since the start of the 20th century. Trade business started 1912 in Damascus Syria; and in 1956 Omar Baalbaki and his sons founded Barada Metallic Industries, a serious step in the industrial awakening of Syria. Today under the guidance of Dr. Ihsan Baalbaki, Baalbaki for Industry and Trade holds a diversified business portfolio and prides itself in its commitment to continue work and investment in Syria despite the current economic and political challenges. For Baalbaki, the principle of continuity and persistence are embedded in the company Logo “the turtle”.

Values & Mission

Indeed, the values, and mission for the company’s continuous success are well summarized in the following words of Dr. Ihsan O. Baalbaki:

‘During the past years we have survived and prospered despite experiencing nationalization in Syria in the 60’s; regime changes in the 70’s; and recently civil unrest in markets where we were active; as well as the equally dangerous transition from generation to generation in our management and ownership.

Looking back, I can identify three fundamental core values that have been the instrumental building blocks supporting our success. These values will continue to guide our development strategies as we move into the next half of our first centennial;

  • * A drive for investing in long lasting partnerships and relationships with our customers, suppliers, service providers and employees by always living up to our word;
  • * A solid commitment to a zero leverage financial strategy;
  • * A passion for an entrepreneurial hands-on approach to the development of new projects and investments with the proper dose of realism and conservatism to secure sustainable and profitable growth.

Looking forward, I believe it is imperative for us to build on our long years of experience. However, we must avoid the trap of becoming prisoners of that experience. Therefore, as we move forward we are committed to:

  • * Becoming more transparent as an institution both internally and externally;
  • * Applying professional business practices and reducing the company's dependence on family managers;
  • * Transforming our relationship based partnerships to equity based partnerships with key suppliers, customers, and employees;

With the good cooperation and support of our stakeholders we are looking forward to years of successful partnerships. We will strive to remain loyal to our Slogan: "Baalbaki a Partner for Life" and to our Logo “the turtle”, which exemplifies our prudence, and conservative entrepreneurship‘.