Funded by Unicef, Baalbaki has played a leading role in manufacturing and supplying the “Back to School” program led by humanitarian aid organizations in Syria. This includes school bags, copy books, and stationery items.


Goods & services for Humanitarian organizations tenders

Goods and services supplied to UN and other humanitarian organizations include school bags and stationery, tools (plumbs, power tools, etc..), tents, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing, sewing machines and kits, mattresses and others.


Air conditioners & Home Appliances

We are proud of our history in the refrigeration and HVAC industry. Today we have positioned ourselves as a major distributor of air conditioners, refrigerators, and refrigeration and air-conditioning components, with integrated assembly lines, distribution facilities, and retail outlets under our own logo Bio Family.

LCD screens and fans have been recently added to our line-up.

Our commercial air-conditioning division supplies VRV systems, chilled water systems and closed control air-conditioning products.



Food products: Yeast, powder milk and olive oil are our three major items. We are currently investing in a refrigerated distribution facility for food products to help grow this division.

Power supply: Recent political turmoil has resulted in a power shortage in Syria. Baalbaki has taken the lead in providing power solutions that includ inverter chargers, deep cycle batteries, and generators up to 50kw. Solar charged LED lamps and systems have been recently added to our lineup.